February 21, 2022

Hello to my Body Shifts family –

I trust this message finds you well (in mind, body & spirit).   Before I dive into some important information I wish to share, I first wish to say THANK YOU.  Maneuvering through the Covid-19 pandemic over the past two years has been an experience for us all; on both personal and business levels.  I truly believe Body Shifts was able to remain open and providing services as a result of the trust and communication we share and relationships we have developed.  I appreciate your cooperation of policies and procedures and/or cancelling/rescheduling when not feeling well or exposed.  THANK YOU ALL for working together.  We are not completely out of the woods yet so we will continue the practices in place for now.

Personally, I have seen a silver lining of good mixed among the trials and tribulations and can only hope you have as well.  My sincere condolences for those who have lost a loved one during this time and praying you are finding peace as you heal.

INFORMATION TO SHARE (bulleted with details further below)
This may be a lengthy email as I have a lot to share.  Read just the bullet highlights or dig in deeper to the details below.

PAT’s APRIL VACATION:   April 10 - April 22 (office will be closed)
RATE INCREASE (Effective 4/1/22)
BIRTHDAY DISCOUNTS – My gift to celebrate you
MASK MANDATES (I believe there is an end in sight)
NEW CLIENTS / Referrals
HELPING HANDS – February Spotlight

PAT’s APRIL VACATION:   April 10 - April 22 (office will be closed)
We have all postponed many vacation plans during this pandemic.  This coming April I shall be bringing one such postponed trip into reality.  Yep…This is the Caribbean sailing trip many of you have heard me speak of for the past 2 years. Third time is a charm!  HINT:  if you have not already booked ahead (as many of you have); know you have the power to do so if you so choose.  Easy online booking is also an option at: www.bodyshifts.com.  Appointment changes and/or prepayment options also available online.

RATE INCREASE:  Effective 4/1/22
Many of you have pointed out the fact I have not increased my rates in a long time and have encouraged me to do so.  I looked back and you are correct; 2017 was the last time I modified pricing and that was simply to make it a flat rate.   I have held off as long as I could but costs for everything have increased (as we all know); I cannot absorb these costs any longer without an increase.  I am also realigning pricing for my 90 and 2 hr. sessions as those have been underpriced all along.  It is my goal to provide a beneficial service at a price point that is affordable while still honoring what I bring to the table along and continue using quality products in the office.

Below I outline the new rates which will go into effect April 1, 2022.

30 Min            $50
60 Min            $80
90 Min            $115
120 Min          $150

BIRTHDAY DISCOUNTS:  My birthday gift to you:  Beginning April 1, 2022 Body Shifts will honor a $10 discount on any one massage treatment during your Birthday month (or within 30 days of your birthday).   On the morning of your birthday, you will receive an email to remind you of this available offer; you make the choice to act on it or not. The discount is not automated, simply mention it when booking your birthday massage or at time of your appointment and a manual discount will be honored.

MASK MADATES:  Yes Please and thank you
While we are all ready to be done with the precautions of masking…it is my office policy to say NOT JUST YET.  Hopefully we follow suit like last year when warmer climates allowed more of us to enjoy outdoor fresh air and distance ourselves more easily.   While the current strain seems to be less “harsh” for many, it does seem to spread more easily.  I do look forward to the day we see each other’s smiles again. 
In the meantime, thank you for understanding and know I AM smiling under my mask when I see you! 

Currently, as an effort to keep us all safe, I am only taking referrals from you (or my professional contacts such as PT, Chiropractors, etc.) with the understanding they be limited to the hours of 10am-2pm (M-TH); my later hours are already accounted for by my existing clientele.  If you do refer someone, please have them give your name as a reference.  SIDE NOTE BONUS:  If you refer someone and they receive a treatment, you will receive a one-time $10 Referral Credit which may be applied to your next treatment!

HELPING HANDS – February Spotlight
I am a big believer in people helping people.  I am a believer in awareness and being present.  I am a believer that something good can come from a tragedy. 
I have set an intention to give highlight each month to a local cause.  No strings attached; I am simply sharing for awareness.  The fact you are reading this is already bringing a greater awareness to this month’s cause and the stigma of mental health and suicide.  Body Shifts will be donating 10% of proceeds received on 2/24/22 to The Alec J White Memorial Scholarship.  If you wish to read more about this cause or donate, follow this link:  https://www.alecsantics.org/  Perhaps you share the link to others and just like that- now we have more awareness.  I just love when a community works together.  My heart is all warm just thinking about it!

It has always been my commitment to provide quality services that benefit my clients while also learning new ways to work smarter, not harder.  I continue to seek information and training to better my service and practice for you.  The best learning method for me is hands on and FINALLY, there are some live continue ed courses being offered again.   At present I have (3) scheduled for this year and I look forward to bringing aspects of each into my treatments.
March 25 – Table Thai
June 6 - Comprehensive Cupping
Sept 15-18 – Zero Balancing II

You have finally come to the end of this Newsletter.  Thank you for taking the time to catch up with all the happenings at Body Shifts.  Next month I expect to be much shorter.   I look forward to seeing those who are booked and hope to see the rest soon.

Best Regards,